Frequently Asked Questions

Can you qualify if you ARE blacklisted or listed on itc?

Yes you may qualify, even if you are blacklisted or declined by banking institutions.

Can you back out of the contract at any time?

Yes you may, although forfeiting your deposit, provided you are within the parameters of your contract.

Can you modify your car? (Exhaust, Turbo's, Software)

No, you may not modify the car.

Can you travel across borders?

No, you may not take the car across border it is not covered under insurance.

Who is responsible for the servicing and maintenance?

You are responsible for servicing and maintenance throughout the duration of the contract at your own cost.

What are the mileage limitations?

The mileage limitations are 3 000km’s per month, orĀ 

36 000kms per year.

How long is the rental period?

The rental period is 48 months, but you are welcome to settle before this point.

What does the rental include?

The Rental includes comprehensive insurance, tracking and licensing.

Can I buy the car at any point within the contract?

Yes you may, at a settlement amount calculated at the time you’d like to settle.

Is Top Car Rental the best rent to own company in SA?

Yes we are!